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Ur help is needed

Ourearth community contains a vast mosaic of people of various religions and cultures. Their socioeconomic backgrounds vary, from the poor to the rich. Areas of Ourearth have individuals born into poverty, or marginalized because they are born into a caste system that denies equal opportunities for advancement in life, so they remain poor.  No matter what country U come from there are those that suffer from improper allocation of resources and money. Millions of people lack the basic necessities of life: clean water, medicine, food, clothing and shelter.

Many of these people suffer immensely from diseases and starvation which claim millions of lives every year. Often we watch this misery unfold on television and listen on the radio while many of us do little or nothing. Practically everybody has heard of or witnessed individuals that need help somewhere on Ourearth and we must find ways to ensure that these people receive aid.

How many emaciated babies, children and adults must we see die before we help? There are so many suffering from a wide variety of curable diseases such as cholera, malaria and leprosy. Leprosy what a horrid, hideous disease and it is curable. How many disfigured fingers, toes and faces must we see before we help? 

Billions of dollars are being spent on the military while many needy people live and die in misery. Sometimes the repercussions of such spending are tragic as many of these weapons are killing and maiming innocent civilians in third world countries. Most of these people are already dealing with poverty and/or diseases.

There are also billions being spent in the western world on things that the Third World would regard as luxuries. We live in access “Living in a material world”; we want the latest gadget, buy expensive clothing and other goods, in many cases because of a brand name. In the Third World and even in the industrialized countries many go without the basics.

Richest in 2024

It is hard to fathom that a billionaire must have 1000 millions. For most people when they get to a million, they have made it. All billionaires together are worth 12.7 trillion dollars.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index on April 1, 2024, the top 10 billionaires are 1.  Bernard Arnault-231 Bil., 2. Jeff Bezos-203 B., 3. Elon Musk-189 B., 4. Mark Zuckerberg-173 B., 5. Bill Gates-154 B., 6. Steve Ballmer-145 B., 7. Warren Buffett-137 B., 8.  Larry Ellison-139 B., 9. Larry Page-137 B., and 10. Sergey Brin-130 B.

It would be nice if most billionaires and gave the majority of their money away because U only need so much to maintain the extravagant lifestyle that most billionaires are accustomed to. To have so much when so many are suffering is hard for many of us to understand and how many millions do a millionaire or a billionaire need.

I pray that more of the rich open up their wallets and advertise that their giving as to inspire others to give. Everyone should expect that if U have more U give more and if U are not giving people should look at the rich and think they are into memmeme... and not think they are so great because they have accumulated wealth in a selfish way.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Source Netflix’s Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

The Bill Gates in 2000 started a foundation called The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates made a commitment that the vast majority from Microsoft would go back to society.

Their foundation has spent 5 Billion a year on numerous causes like U.S. Public Education, family planning, sanitation, anti viral drugs to HIV patients and vaccines. They have put millions toward vaccinating people against Polio being instrumental in ridding Africa of wild polio. This was announced on August 25, 2020.

The Gates Foundation took on global sanitation where 4 billion people have no washrooms. May places have no good way to handle their excrement. Water supplies were being contaminated and 3 million kids were dying a year from diarrhea. People are dying of preventable diseases.

The Gates Foundation built an Omni Processor that treats sewage the only bi products are steam, engine produces electricity. No outside water or no external power needed.

In Dakar, Indonesia one third of the city’s sewage is treated by his Omni Processor.

They have financed designs of environmentally friendly toilets that are going into widespread use.

Warren Buffett

Source HBO’s becoming Warren Buffett 2017

Billionaire Philanthropist Warren Buffett in 2006 said he would donate 31 Billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This donation was described as: One of the most remarkable selfless acts that history ever records”. This was the largest philanthropic gift in history. Warren Buffet said about his decision to give the money to the Gates Foundation that:” The Best way to get the money into society and have it used in the most effective way. I had a solution staring me in the face”.

He also said; “Ninety nine percent will go to others because it has no utility to me. Silly for me not to transfer the utility to people who can use it. It is doing me no good”.

In 2016 Warren Buffett gave away 24.3 Billion. He donates to approximately 60 causes.

Some being childhood education, vaccine development, public education, sanitation, hygiene, and endangered species protection.

O6/26/2006 Source Timothy L. Obrien, New York Times- Buffet to give bulk of fortune to Gates Charity. Warren Buffet will give away 37.4 Billion of his Berkshire stock to charity 31 Billion will go directly to the Gates Foundation. He will divide the remaining 6 Billion among four Buffett family Foundations. The Susan Thompson Foundation named after his wife. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation run by one of his sons, the Susan A. Buffett Foundation named after and run by his daughter; and the NoVo Foundation who is headed by his son Peter.

The money that will be donated to the Gates Foundation will be made in annual increments and could be distributed in an as-yet unspecified way if Buffett dies before the entire sum is paid. He joined the Gates Foundation as a trustee.

On Netflix’s Inside Bills Brain, Warren Buffett said that:” He wants his money to have a phenomenal impact.”    

It would be nice if most billionaires and gave the majority of their money away because U only need so much to maintain the extravagant lifestyle that most billionaires are accustomed to. To have so much when so many are suffering is hard for many of us to understand and how many millions do a millionaire or a billionaire need.

I pray that more of the rich open up their wallets and advertise that their giving as to inspire others to give. Everyone should expect that if U have more U give more and if U are not giving people should look at the rich and think they are into memmeme... and not think they are so great because they have accumulated wealth in a selfish way.

Maximizing ur money

andUandU's sector CharityandU is a means to raise funds and resources for the marginalized and disadvantaged people of Ourearth. We would like to inspire the world to do more to help those who are in need. We also want Mother Nature to be as healthy as possible and there are charities that promote her health.

CharityandU will attempt to maximize the interests of charities and those who are donating to charities. We will work to ensure that all charities understand that all pertinent information is made accessible to all potential donors so they can make can make informed decisions about who to sponsor. CharityandU hopes to form a future partnership with Google where U can find charities on a type of Google Map that is just for charities, possibly called Google Charities. Those interested can find the various charities available in each geographical area by just clicking on the town or city and the available charities appear. U could possibly find a charity by just typing a key word in a box in the area U might want to donate to for example: cancer and then the charities dealing in cancer would appear. Charities could also be found by developing an internet program whereby just typing a town or city and click on charities and a list of charities would appear.

Many charities are given a number when they register their charity with the government. If they do not have a number then they are not recognised by the government as a charitable organization. Government registered charitable organizations offer tax breaks.

Charity Intelligence

Once potential donors feel they know enough about a charity by searching charities from the links we provide they will be able to deposit money directly into that charity's account. This would enable many charities to keep a much higher percentage of their supporter's actual donations. Potential millions will be saved through less mailing and phone call expenses. In some cases organizations hire fundraising corporations who will set up events like charity comedy shows and charity hockey games where an overwhelming percentage goes to the corporations.

Charity Intelligence Canada is the number one fact finder concerning Canadian Charities, they have created profiles on over 700 Charities. They know what percentage of ur donation is actually making it to those in need. Charity Intelligence is very knowledgeable about how ur money is being spent. U can find this information on their website (

Charity Intelligence has set the benchmark when it comes to being the place to go to find out about Canadian charities. andUandU sees the need for this type of institution at an international level. Around Ourearth we need to know that donations of our money and time are well spent. andUandU hopes to, at some point be in a position to work with Charity Intelligence in a way that both supports charities and the donors they depend on.

In Canada, the Canada Revenue agency has a source where U can find a multitude of information about Canadian charities. U can find this information if U search cracharities. In other countries ask around, U might find similar sites to find information on charities.

 Brain Storming Session Needed

It is our belief that a “Brain Storming Session ” is needed to coordinate the charities so the people that need the help are receiving it in the most efficient and cost effective way. Brain storming in the future will include what CharityandU can do to make charities successful. All charities should share their expertise so that they can work together to ensure that the greatest good is being realized by both those benefiting from the charity and those donating to it. The benefits from those receiving charity should be the same in any given area for instance in any part of a city. Municipal governments should get involved in notifying the public where help is needed in any given area of their town or city when the need is greater than what their tax base can support. They should encourage support for local charities and help centers. The support for local charities could come from corporations and businesses that the municipality recognizes and in some cases even endorses.

Helping people keep their homes

The best type of Charity is the giving that inspires change in the long term. If the people currently  in need could see  long term prospects of their health and welfare change for the better, then we could slow down dramatically the mass exodus from many countries. In the future if they knew  there was an organization such as ours  using all means at their disposal to identify their problems and get help to them then many people would remain in their homes. Dramatic changes are needed to make many people feel that their basic needs will be looked after where they live. andUandU... will help change Ourearth for the better..

Unfortunately there are many people displaced because of civil unrest and/or political unrest. In these situations as soon as we hear about or witness signs of a potential destabilizing event  like a war we need to get involved and use whatever peaceful means at our disposal to negotiate  peaceful solutions. That could even mean threatening to cut off financial support to governments or regions unless they try to negotiate with the disagreeing party. We need to try to prevent what is causing our refugee shelters to bust out at the seams

Hopefully the love that's resonating from andUandU...will sweep the globe and we will have more people treating each other like Brothers and Sisters. 

Race and religion, it doesn't matter.

In Pickering, Ontario, Canada the St. Paul's On- the-Hill community Food Bank had a walk organized by the Pickering Islamic Centre it was their first walk for the cause. The walk took place on September, 2017. The walk was to raise awareness about the need in the area and to collect donations. All religions and ethnic backgrounds were invited to take part in this event. “It was a huge success,” said Ward 3 city Councillor Shaheen Butt, who supported the event. “We almost had about three van loads of food collected and it was a great day. I think that the food bank was overwhelmed with the community's support.”

It is truly amazing to see the good that can come when religions and people from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds work together to resolve any problem that mankind might face. Successes such as this will become the norm for the people who believe in andUandU...and the power of love.

Christene Archibald

From: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C)

Thirty year old Christene Archibald was murdered on June 3, 2017 in London by a knife wielding terrorist. Christene died in her boyfriend Tyler Ferguson arms as he watched her die.

Christene cared deeply about other people. She was from Castlegar,British Columbia, where she volunteered for the Community Harvest Foodbank. In Calgary, Alberta she had volunteered at the Calgary Alpha House Society. “Homeless people in the grips of addiction left knowing the value of her work.”

Christene was a graduated with a degree in Social Work from Mount Royal University.

I believe on Facebook a new blog started called;  “Tell them Chrissy sent you”, triggered an outpouring of good. People were urged to donate to animal shelters, food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters along with pledging to volunteer.

Amongst others, Convenent House in Toronto had a spike in donations.

Christene's fiancĂ©e Tyler said that:” Christene would want nothing else but to have a little bit of good come out of this tragedy.”

A Gift from Diane Hache

CBC News December 27, 2020

This story is about someone mining value out of the leftovers of a mine. So far Diane Hache has raised nearly 100,000 dollars for a Yellow Knife,

Northwest Territories, Canada women’s shelter. She has done this by stripping the insulation off copper wire for a good cause. Hache said:

“The work is tough on the body on occasion and I have been driven to tears by the end of the day”.

In 2019 the Diavic Diamond company Hache’s former employer gave her 3 shipping containers full of copper wire. She would sell it and give it to charity. She had to remove the plastic insulation which would more than double its value. Hache spent all last winter working in a canvass shelter with a propane heater keeping her warm. She sold 38,000 pounds of copper in Vancouver last spring. The weight was about 6 pick-up trucks. She gave $94,000 to the Yellowknife Women’s Society this fall. Hache said “I wanted to help women because of the important role they play in families. Women are the backbone of the family and they need our support”. She said: I will be sending 50,000 lbs to Vancouver and the price is up. I am hoping for a bonanza”. Thanks to her there is another big donation will follow to the women’s shelter.

Google- A Positive Influence

Google is a trendsetter when it comes to taking on leadership roles, trying to make our lives easier and healthier.

A story on the Canadian Broadcasting Network (CBC) called a Huge Weight by James Roumeliotis on October 25, 2016 was about Autism. Google is helping to find out what causes autism. Hoping to unlock the mystery of Autism Google is spending $50,000,000 to finance Matt Pletchers Autism Speaks, the advocacy group for autism. The project is called: “Missing”, finding the missing piece of the autism puzzle.

The research they are doing is the largest of its kind in the world. Google is funding the DNA mapping of 10,000 families affected by autism hoping to find an answer. . Gene mapping allows the researchers at SICK KIDS (Toronto, Canada) to read everyone of the six billion letters that comprise an individual's code, so they can spot mutations. Google is storing information in a research platform in Google Cloud. Researchers around the world will analyse the data trying to be able to diagnose autism sooner, even before birth and there will be treatment tailored to  specific types of autism.

CBC Network - Ken Brunhuber - September 13, 2017

Google plans on eliminating the Zika Virus carrying mosquito, the Aedes aegytpic that also carries dengue, yellow fever and other diseases. The Zika virus is a disease associated with microcephaly in infants.

Around Fresno, California a truck sprays millions of bacteria infected male mosquitoes trying to hold the advance of the Zika virus. These mosquitoes interrupt the female reproductive cycle that causes the offspring to die.

Google Classroom- Is a learning management system developed by Google for schools that aims to simplify creating, distribution and grading assignments in a paperless world.

Google Classroom came out in August 12, 2014.


CharityandU On Air

andUandU believes that there needs to be a 24 hour television station called; “ The Charity Channel”, that  would be linked to our CharityandU website in the future. In fact there should be substations and websites that cover different regions and the languages of Ourearth. These websites and television stations would be part of andUandU charity sector CharityandU. It is time that Ourearth is shown the good that is coming from our donations. This would inspire more people to give because they would see the positive effects their donations are having on those in need. On the website U could follow links where U would find out how to donate ur skills and time to helping others. U could also follow the links to track updates on how the charity is doing in the future. Too often U hear about disasters such as earth quakes, floods and famine but when they no longer make the news, they are forgotten.

Under our CharityandU umbrella we must not focus too much on the misery of Ourearth because people will not be attracted to our CharityandU venues if they see too many bad things. It also should be standard procedure for existing news broadcasts to focus on helping others for a given amount minutes per week. Television stations should all have a certain amount of minutes per week designated to inspiring people to help others.These people friendly television stations will be of benefit because people want to see good stories about positive things.

Charity Challenge

A Charity Challenge occurs when the following challenges each other to raise money, to do good deeds or perhaps even both: individuals, businesses, corporations, schools, millionaires, billionaires, and maybe even governments.

The challenge potential is great. Some of these challenges will be covered on the CharityandU website and on the Charity Channel. The focus is for them to challenge each other to do good. The stories about these challenges would be interesting to many. They would inspire people to do more.

There would be an incentive for the people involved in challenges if they knew that their good deeds would be noticed. Challenges would be good advertising for the participants.

10 4 U

10 4 U stands for ten percent for U. It is a program andUandU will promote in the future. What we will try to achieve is to set a goal for those that are capable of donating ten percent of their net income to charity. We have chosen ten percent because many of us are already familiar with the ten percent many church goers were giving to their local churches. If a person does not want their charity amount to have its roots in the church then give 11 percent or more.

10 4 U will have people from all walks of life promoting it. All of these people have made an honoured pledge to give their ten percent to charity and of course they will now be able to make informed decisions on what charity to give their donations to. We want to have everything from actors and sports celebrities to environmentalists and maintenance workers telling their stories. We hope to make giving ten percent to charity the norm. Of course if U can afford to give more U can do so.

andUandU would like people involved in giving to talk about their charities and the role they play as part of their every day conversation. It would be a chance to talk about positive things in the world, a world that appears to be getting so negative.

Volunteers 4 U

Volunteers for U will feature those people who are giving their time and effort to help others. Many of these people give  heart and soul to the charity or charities they believe in. Just like 10 4 U these people will inspire others to do the same. Many people will be amazed about who they will see on Volunteers 4 U. They could feel, if he or she can do it, I can do it too. Most of us like to hear about the positive things people are doing for others.

How often have we noted an exemplary citizen? We needto hear about these people so we are stimulated to do more. CharityandU will feature a number of volunteers on our websites and television stations. On a yearly basis we will have a Top 10 in the area that each individual television station serves.

Funding for CharityandU

Our financing will be arranged by the philanthropist(s) who will be chosen after they contact us via the GET INVOLVED button.

Our philanthropist(s) could consider this- CharityandU can have a business plan and then go to corporations, and governments (we would replace some of the government funding), have various fundraisers, donors like U, the top 10 billionaires, other wealthy people, foundations, and other potential sources. Anyone or anything that supports us would be highly regarded. There will be a $ 100 yearly fee for charities who are linked to our website. Possibly 1% of what the charities raise through us. This would be cut to zero when we make enough money from donations or other revenue sources. In the future money could come in from the advertising on our potential future Charity Channel. It is hoped that civic minded corporations like Google will support CharityandU. There will be no advrtising on CharityandU.

There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.


This is the site where good hearted people

of our earth can find where they will get the

most out of their efforts and donations.

It is here where we will do our utmost

to ensure charities get more help and get

more of their much-needed money coming in.

U will discover a variety of different aspects concerning charity.

Thus, making U more enlightened.

Ur help is needed.